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January 5, 2024

The Castlewood Senior Living’s Festive 12 Days of Christmas Delights!

Category: Culinary

Author: Sara Smith, Culinary Director

‘Tis the season to indulge in Arrow’s most festive tradition, The 12 Days of Christmas. It’s time for The Castlewood Senior Living’s culinary team to get creative for each day of festivities. As residents, family, and friends join around the table. We’ll embark on a delectable adventure. It started with the iconic partridge in a pear tree and ended with the drummers drumming. Each day will be a culinary experience that truly captures the essence of the holiday season. Every unique dish tells tales of tradition, celebration, and the spirit of togetherness.

My favorite of the 12 Days of Christmas is the 6th day because we have a hash with an egg on top to honor six geese a laying. That is one of my favorite childhood memories of the breakfast my mom would make. I don’t think any of the 12 Days were challenging this year, but deciding what we wanted to represent each day was challenging.

The residents seem to enjoy Drumstick Happy Hour on day 12 the most. After all, who doesn’t like some drumsticks and some happy hour? The staff would be in on this one, too. Some drumsticks, a little music, and fun drinks make for a great time!

If I could change any of the 12 Days, it would be the focus on family time for staff, too. It gets so busy we lose a lot of time with our loved ones.

Our family traditions include attending a Christmas Eve service, decorating cookies with the kids, playing games, and eating appetizers.

The culinary team is immersed in the magic of shared meals, laughter, and holiday warmth that truly brings our community together. The 12 Days of Christmas has allowed the team to explore the diverse and vibrant spectrum of flavors that make this season truly magical. Here’s to a season filled with the warmth of friendship, the sparkle of joy, and the lingering tastes of the 12 Days of Christmas. Until next year, when we get the opportunity to use our creative flare once again, “Happy Holidays!”

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