The world outside your apartment door.

It’s not hard to understand how the idea of moving to a senior living community can seem like a dramatic downsizing – and it many ways it is when you move from a home to an apartment. But, the magic of senior living is the way that you gain useful, active space that becomes a new part of life. There may be no more third bedroom, but senior living is all about increasing your space. And the best part? We’ll keep it clean and busy!

Invite your family over for lunch, reserve the private dining room for your grandson’s birthday bash, enjoy a game of pool with your best friend. The options abound and the only limit is your imagination! All of The Castlewood is your home – enjoy!

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Restaurant dining – all day

We don’t mess around with a “dining program.” We run a restaurant. Open from 7 AM – 7 PM with an expansive menu of 50+ rotating options, stop in and enjoy a meal with your neighbors, friends, and family anytime!

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Private Dining

Formal dining for you and your guests

You plan, we’ll cook. Enjoy a private holiday with your closest friends or invite the family for a birthday bash. Hold a pizza party or set a special menu with our Executive Chef. Consider private dining your personal formal dining to use as you like!

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Wellness Center

Beyond your typical gym

We could put a couple treadmills in a closet and call it a gym. But that’s not our idea of senior living. Our wellness center is a large space dedicated to senior-friendly, rehab-specific tools that residents really use.

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Have you read the latest novel?

Our library is stocked with the new and the classic so you always have a range of options to choose from. Plus, we rotate our selections so the library doesn’t just become a dust collector! Enjoy the latest magazines, short stories, novels, and more!

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Get comfy, we’ll bring the popcorn and soda!

Welcome to your private theater. From new dramas to classic mysteries, we host a variety of movies, games, and educational events.

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Life Trail

The lilies and sunshine are calling.

Sometimes, it’s just too nice to be indoors. Join us outside for a conversation or take a walk around the campus at your own pace. Enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors!

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