Expand your wellness and start thriving.

When most folks think about senior living, they center on the personal care that residents receive to help with the physical. But that’s only one part of a much more interesting and important puzzle. At The Castlewood, we believe that care is holistic because every person has physical, social, and emotional needs.

By aligning all of the services toward each individual, we work that the senior living environment is caring for the whole person and providing what each resident needs to expand their wellness and start thriving.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Every resident is unique and no person has the same needs, interests, or goals as another. Success, therefore, is something we measure at the level of the individual – building pillars of wellness on a foundation of quality, holistic care.

Holistic Care

“Holistic” isn’t just some marketing term we throw around to sound fancy, it’s a core concept to how we provide care to each resident. Services and amenities at The Castlewood are structured to provide for each resident’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Care Planning

We want to go beyond caring for the status quo. Care planning at The Castlewood is about being intentional about the services provided to each resident to ensure that we are coordinating the right combination of personal care, technology, and third-party services for each resident to achieve their personal wellness goals.

Personal Choice

Care doesn’t exist without having a person to care for – and that means you ought to be the primary voice in choosing the options for your care. Create your own personal plan together with our care coordination team and enjoy life on your terms.


Turning Common Sense into Common Practice

The Castlewood Senior Living leads the way in its use of technology to provide care. It’s part of our focus on improving the lives of residents in every aspect, including avoiding potential health issues whenever possible. Foresite passive health monitoring is available to our assisted living and memory care residents.