Memory Care: National Gardening Month

Gardening is potentially a “long-term” memory for our residents with dementia. Many of our residents enjoyed gardening earlier in their lives. It brings them much joy to reminisce and talk about the memories they have with their families. They enjoyed being outside working the dirt, reaping the fruits of their labor from the garden, and helping their families live and survive.

It is beneficial to connect individuals living with dementia to their long-term memories. These memories bring comfort to the residents with dementia. It’s also a way for the staff to engage with the residents and gain their trust. Activities, such as gardening, often lead to interesting stories from the past, sparked by the activity itself. It is very gratifying for the resident to be able to complete tasks from the past and recall memories associated with that task.

Here at The Castlewood Senior Living Nixa, MO to celebrate and participate in National Gardening month we have many fun activities planned for the month of April. We will be planting pots with both vegetables and flowers. Residents are looking forward to helping with planting and tending to the seedlings. Our beautiful garden will be enjoyed for months to come by residents and staff alike.